REVIEWS on Facebook & tripadvisor

‘The pork with Chipotle gravy was the best thing I've ever eaten. The short rib was great too. Would love to continue watching this restaurant thrive and will definitely be back!’
Owen Hoare – tripadvisor

‘Absolutely lovely place. The Golonka (pork knuckle) just falls of the bone, with crackling, best one I’ve ever had. And I’m German. Great value for money, lovely staff, you can’t fault it!’
Asator81 – tripadvisor

‘Absolutely amazing! Anything you choose, it's cooked to perfection!’
Sylwia Yeo – Facebook

‘Awesome and unique food. Great venue. A must visit in Bristol’
John Kingsley - Facebook

‘That was delicious. Friendly staff, and our dog was allowed by the bar. The vegan ones were great and the beef was excellent, too. Please come and try. Bristol Beer Factory beers on tap and Tyskie in the fridge 😊’
Sophie Davies - Facebook

‘Friendly place, food is hearty, the slow cooked pork and beef is beautifully done, nice flavours, cooked with pride. You have to book the mains 2 days in advance which shows the care that goes into these dishes. The meat is so tender you can pretty much shake it off the bone; the fat melts into the tender meats, the side veg/pickles was really good.’
Graeme W - tripadvisor

‘Been looking for pork shank in Bristol and found the mother of all pork shanks. Perfectly cooked and with amazing trimmings, this is the dream. If you've ever had it in Germany or Romania or even Poland, you will be pleasantly surprised this is as good as it gets in terms of porky goodness. Try it with a shot of vodka for the full effect. Lovely place, will definitely come back.’
MitzaB - tripadvisor