‘CRISPY PARCELS OF JOY’ – PIEROGI  –  are filled dumplings of Central European origin made by wrapping unleavened dough around a savoury or sweet filling.
We are proudly making them on the premises with a twist on Polish tradition.

Small (4 pierogi) £ 5.50 / Regular (6 pierogi) £ 7.50 / Large (12 pierogi) £ 12.50

Pierogi of your choice are served with butter & onion topping or crispy pork bits, soured cream & house slaw with a garnish of spring onion, red pepper& gherkins, drizzled with house piri piri yoghurt and garlic & parsley sauce

Please choose and mix them as you wish!

Traditional – Maris piper potatoes, white village cheese, onion V
Blushing Beef – Aberdeen Angus beef in homemade tomato sauce
topped with grated cheddar
Miss Piggy – slow cooked pork with Bramley apple sauce
Vegan Traditional – Maris piper potatoes, tofu with oregano and onion Vg
(served with vegan garlic yoghurt and house side-salad)
Hen Party – tender chicken topped with cranberry
Oriental – rice noodles, chilli, ginger, Chinese cabbage, bean sprouts
     topped with sweet chilli sauce

Don’t have enough? Finish your meal with dessert pierogi:
Drunken Banana – crispy banana pierogi served with chocolate sauce and homemade Irish whiskey cream

PIEROGI PIE– are giant baked pierogi. We are proudly making them on the premises with a twist on English tradition    £ 7.50
Sweet potato, spinach & feta cheese served with mixed leaf salad, pickled beetroot, house slow garnished with pickled red cabbage V

PIEROGI PIE - Pork shoulder sausage & caramelised onion marmalade   served with mixed leaf salad & gherkin  £7.50

Crispy garlic bread & marinated olives £4.50
Crispy garlic bread with hummus & chilli jam £4.50
Fries with homemade chorizo & jalapeno sauce £3.50
Sweet Potato fries with homemade chorizo and jalapeno sauce £4.50
Sourdough pretzels £2.00
Crisps £1.20


OUR AMAZING SLOW COOKED PORK SHANK with crunchy crackling – served with chipotle sauce, sweetheart cabbage with dates braised in goose fat, green beans, organic carrots, horseradish & gherkins

Great for two people sharing (more than 1kg)             £19.50 

SLOW COOKED BEEF SHORT RIBS served with chipotle or pepper sauce, with sweet potato puree, green beans, organic carrots, horseradish and gherkins

For two sharing £19.50        For one person £15.50

(These dishes need to be booked TWO DAYS in advance; served from 6pm)

book on our website contact page www.goshashouse.com/contact
or call us on 0117 239 0167